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Home (Landing)
This is the first page visitors will come to on From this page they can sign in, navigate to their account, or start shopping right away by following one of the main category buttons.
Gift Certificates
One of the main catgoery pages. On this page customers will be able to look through and add to their cart various gift certificates for local businesses.
The second main category page. From here customers will be able to view coupons listed by local business and either print them out or show them from their mobile device to employees right in the check out line.
Sign In
The main sign in page for the site. While customers will be able to sign in from any page in a desktop environment this page will be the primary sign in screen for all mobile devices. If a user doesn't successfully sign in they are also brought here to try again.
For new visitors to the site the registration page will be where they initially create their accounts. Once their accounts are set up they will be provided with the option to sign in and begin using site features to their fullest.
Reset Password
In the event a user has forgotten their password then they may navigate to this page to attempt resetting it.
My Account (Profile)
After a user is signed in they are able to view and edit their personal information here.
Billing/Shipping (Profile)
The second profile page where users can add, update, or remove their primary billing address and shipping addresses.
Orders (Profile)
The final profile page where users can view a list of orders they previously made on the site.
Terms and Conditions
The terms and conditions for These terms govern how the site is to be used and it is assumed any visitor to the site continues to do so under their authority.
Privacy Notice (Policy)
The privacy policy for the site. This page outlines how information collected from users on the site is stored, managed, and used.
This page.
This page is available in the event that a visitor to the site needs to contact a representative for Information such as the mailing address and an office phone number will be provided here along with a contact form that can be used to submit a comment or question directly to an administrator.