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We understand that Navigating a new site is sometimes difficult. We are here to assist you in your journey to save.

Below are just a few FAQ's to help you through the process:

Q: Is the service FREE?
A: It costs nothing to be part of

Q: Can I use my Coupon OR my Gift Certificate on my mobile device
A: YES! All Coupons and Gift Certificates can be used on your mobile device. We pulling it up on your device, there will be a RED REDEEM button that will appear. The Vendor will need to hit this button during the transaction process in order for the Coupon or Gift Certificate to be validated

Q: Are there limits to the amount I can purchase or print?
A: Vendor choose how often they want to offer their Gift Certificates and Coupons. Some Vendors can place limits on these, some choose not to. If a limit is in place, the site will indicate on the TOP of the Gift Certificate or Coupon

Q: Can I use a Coupon or Gift Certificate on my mobile device AFTER I print them?
A: In most cases, you cannot use a Coupon on your mobile device after you print them. Depending on limits, if you have reached your limit of the # of coupons you can print for that particular deal, it will become unavailable to view via mobile. IF you have not, you can still use it on your mobile device after printing. You will not be able to view a Gift Certificate on your mobile device after you print it. Once a gift certificate has been printed OR has been marked redeemed on your mobile device, it will become unavailable for the other function/view

Q: How often is the site updating with New Vendors?
A: In most cases, the site will be updated with New Vendor a MINIMUM of 1 time per week

Q: If I am having trouble creating an account, can I call someone?
A: Yes, please call us at 330.408.7280 or email us at We will reply to you ASAP to ensure your registration process is completed